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New versus used catamarans There are over 1,000 used catamarans for sale worldwide and a few dozen new yachts. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. Here is a short list:

New Catamarans:

  • newest designs, materials, technology: the engineering that goes into a new catamaran produces a stronger, lighter, faster hull.

  • much less maintenance in the first years… mechanical and electrical systems are more efficient and safer. The engines use less fuel and are quieter, easier to maintain, more reliable and more environmentally friendly.

  • warranties.

  • financing more readily available and at lower rates.

  • highly reliable/peace of mind.

  • you choose the options and upgrades you prefer… get exactly what you want… many new catamarans have better accommodations for electronics at the helm.

  • newer catamarans keep "looking new" for longer periods than their "ancestors" did.

  • fewer catamaran choices.

  • quicker depreciation.

  • cost more initially.

  • not all the "bugs" may yet have been worked out.

Used Catamarans Tip for buying new versus used catamarans

  • slower catamaran depreciation.

  • bigger "bang for the buck"… more affordable.

  • larger selection and variety than new catamarans.

  • you inherit problems of previous catamaran owner.

  • appearance isn't always an accurate indicator of value… you MUST employ a competent catamaran surveyor.

  • less curb appeal for catamaran resale later.

  • everything starts to fall apart after 7 years.

If you choose to pursue a new catamaran you will find a selection of builders from around the world. Consider the impact that foreign exchange makes. If you have dollars and are buying a yacht in Euros there can be huge price swings from year-to-year. Consider buying a catamaran priced in a relatively weak currency like China's.

If you cannot afford a new boat, beware of the "fixer-upper". Most people grossly underestimate what it costs to refit a used catamaran. They say, "Oh, I can do a lot of the work myself!"… But they don't understand that a lot of the work is highly technical and the technicians required are priced in the stratosphere.

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