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Sell Your Catamaran Gary Fretz has vast experience in marketing and selling catamarans. He has been involved in over 1,450 yacht sales and many were catamarans. The benefit to you is that Gary knows how to get your catamaran sold quickly and for top-dollar. You will know exact selling and asking prices of similar models because our private database has recorded all the selling prices of over 240,000 yachts sold since 1998. This is the world's largest yacht sales database and the selling price information is not available to the general public. This invaluable information will be given to our clients and allows you to make the most intelligent decision as to asking price and to know how long it typically takes to sell a catamaran like yours... Because the statistics and complete catamaran details are all there for you.

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We help you maximize your selling price:

I also provide you with a complimentary "Seller's Tips" guide to advise you how to maximize your selling price. I work on a commission-only basis so if we don't sell your yacht, you owe us nothing.

We Make It All Super-Easy:

Sell Your Sailing Catamaran I will take care of all the details for you to ensure a pleasurable experience. We coordinate the paperwork and keep all parties informed and stress-free. There are up to 23 forms needed at Closing (27 for foreign-flagged vessels) and each form must be executed in a specific order to trigger the next sequence of events. If you are not experienced at this, then closing the sale can be quite frustrating. Because I have supervised yacht closings over 1,450 times previously, I know the fastest-best ways to do catamaran closings. We provide professional service to all parties to the catamaran sales transaction in the following areas:

  • Closing services
  • Financing resources
  • Insurance advice
  • Refit advice
  • Qualifying potential buyers
  • Advertising production/placement
  • Arrangement of showings
  • Registration/flagging advice
  • Coordination of lien searches and title-transfer preparation
  • Discount dockage/boat storage
  • Tax guidance
  • Survey coordination

We Pay For Advertizing and Marketing so Your Catamaran Gets Sold Faster

We will pay for your catamaran to be listed on several Internet websites. They are,, and and six major European sites. With the Euro so strong you must expose your catamaran in their market or you are missing opportunities. We cooperate with all the major yacht brokerages in the world. This gives over 2,500 yacht sales offices around the world the ability to sell the catamaran as if it was their own listing. You are essentially listing your catamaran with 2,500 different sales offices when you list with me!

Selling A Catamaran Yourself Usually Is Frustrating

Selling the catamaran yourself can be a hassle. 20% of the people who make appointments to see catamarans are "no-shows". Some will act like real buyers and request free boat rides because they are inexperienced and are not sure this lifestyle is for them (which wastes your time and money). A certain-percentage of these types are actually only interested in an "education" about your boat (because they are re-decorating their similar boat but, of course, they don't tell you their actual motives) and do not care if they waste many hours or days of your time.

Others are going to buy when they win the Lottery and we know the odds of that happening! Unqualified buyers (a.k.a. "dreamers") will consume many hours or days of your time only to ask for "seller financing" at the last minute because they don't really have any money. We are highly-trained to weed out these types before they waste our time…By the way, 75% of all "seller-financing" deals fall apart within one year and the seller is left with a catamaran that has not been maintained and several months of non-payment before they recover the vessel. So, if you are having trouble selling, don't be tempted by a "Seller-Financing" offer. Or these dreamers will lowball you with offers at 50% of your asking price after they waste many hours of your time. We have many hundreds of hours of training to handle these time-wasters. Still, after 15 years of doing this, a few "Academy Award" winning actors will fool even us… but that means we wasted our time and not yours.

We Get It Done Right The First Time

My company gives you "Peace of Mind" at no extra charge. The commission remains the same whether it is split two ways or ten ways. It does not cost a penny more to have a broker represent your interests and both the selling agent and the listing agent work for you. If the catamaran is not sold then you owe us nothing. Do not be tempted to use a broker who initially discounts the commission. The problem is that no "outside" brokers will work with a listing agent who will not pay them for their time, so if there's a reduced commission, the broker with the hot buyer will go elsewhere.

Most of the time, the person you list with will not actually sell the catamaran. It will be an outside agency that actually brings the buyer to the table and they expect to get paid. So, when a listing agent reduces the commission this results in a much longer time to find a buyer. The additional resulting "carrying costs" (extra dockage, insurance, depreciation, risk of storm damage, maintenance) can easily exceed the commission that was cut. Don't "shoot yourself in the foot". Get the catamaran sold as quickly as possible and minimize those "carrying costs" (unless you are still happily using the boat).

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