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With the advent of the Internet, self-shopping for catamarans has become more prevalent. And with more self-shopping we are seeing more regretful buyers who would never had a problem if they had an experienced advisor on their team.

What are the roots of the problems self-shoppers have buying a catamaran?
  1. Not knowing the true value of the target catamran.

  2. Not knowing the process of title transfer.

  3. Not knowing how to maximize value by understanding seasonal price trends, locational discounts and foreign currency trends.

  4. Not being experienced at dealing with litigious opponents.

  5. Not understanding the typical contracts used.

  6. Not knowing how to spot scammers and high priced vendors.

  7. Not using a licensed and bonded Yacht and Ship Broker as agent.

  8. Not knowing how to deal with fly-by-night Seller's agents who misrepresent condition and cover up defects.

  9. Not knowing how to check titles of catamarans for sale.

  10. Not knowing how to shop for catamran insurance, deliveries, refits and dockage.
I've been doing this for almost 25 years and have been called an "expert" on this by a Federal District Attorney so I know how to keep you out of trouble. And it really doesn't cost you anything to have me represent you because the Seller pays my fee.

Let me head up your acquisition team.

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