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Annapolis Catamaran Show
Thank you for attending the Annapolis Catamaran Show October 6-10, 2016. The Catamaran Show ran concurrently with the Annapolis Boat Show offering the perfect opportunity to see strictly catamarans for sale and charter. The Show offered free parking, free admission and free demo rides. Go to the Annapolis Catamaran Show website for more information.

Herreshoff Catamaran
Herreshoff Catamaran

This 24' catamaran was designed and built by the famous yacht designer Nat Herreshoff in 1876! It's now at the Herreshoff Museum of Yachting in Bristol, RI.... It entered the NY Yacht Club Centenial Regatta in 1876 and won by a mile...the NYYC later banned it from future racing as "unfair"...even though their charter states that the club was formed to "promote naval architecture". Of course, now catamarans are in the America's Cup and are widely-accepted.

Oru Kayak "Oragami" Kayak

Want a kayak that doesn't take up valuable deck space on your catamaran? The Oru Kayak in the video above folds into a carrying box for portability, minimal storage and is easy to assemble. These folding kayaks have had favorable reviews and take about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble. An Oru Kayak is 12 feet long and handles just like any other molded kayak.

Top Ten Tips For Selling Your Catamaran Fast

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