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Annapolis Boat Show

Annapolis Sailboat Show
October 4-8, 2012

Catana Catamarans Come and see all that is new in the world of catamarans and say hello to Gary Fretz (954.609.6282). I will be representing Catana catamarans with one of their latest-greatest carbon fiber models....Along with more than 650 exhibits, the United States Sailboat Show contains the largest gathering of multihulls in the country. Join us along with over 50,000 boating enthusiasts from around the world.


We spent a year looking for our "new" used yacht.
Gary was quick to respond and kept in touch with news etc, effectively - i.e. none of this emails every week which everyone gets BUT specific news when something good cropped up.
We came very close to one missing out by a day or so (no fault of Gary's).
He was also quick to offer GOOD sound advice on all sorts of subjects. We did find our "close to ideal" boat.
In the end we HIGHLY recommend Gary IF what you want is clear simple and useful advice - someone who listens to what you want and then effectively searches for YOU.
Michael and Christine
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Deal Of The Month On A CatamaranSmart Buyers
Why You Should Use a CPYB Certified Broker

New Model- Ultimate Sunreef 75 Catamaran
Click for Larger Catamaran Introducing The Sunreef Ultimate 75 sailing catamaran... Sunreef has done it again! Introducing a new, very-unique model like nobody else has.... Check out the transparent (but tinted) coachroof that makes the interior seem even more bright and airy with stunning views. The angular design is practical as well as very cool looking. The forward-angled axe-bows increase waterline and reduces pitching. The expansive flybridge becomes the focal point while underway or during sunset cocktail parties. I prefer the "galley-up" version with breakfast bar because it becomes a cozy pub at night.
Click Sunreef 75 Cat Images for Larger

I like how the mast has been moved back which gives a more balanced feel while sailing and the mainsail size is much more manageable. 20+ knots are possible with the standard sail plan and carbon fiber hull. The twin Yanmar 240hp diesels will easily motor you along at 11 knots.... If you are in the market for a large catamaran for sale and have 5MM Euros, you owe it to yourself to look into this awesome model.

Click for Larger Sunreef Catamaran Click for Larger Sunreef Catamaran

Deal Of The Month On A Catamaran Deal Of The Month On A Catamaran
(or How To Save $100,000-$250,000 On A Catamaran)

Large Catamarans For Sale has a 2008 Lagoon 440 that will sell for only 250,000 Euros. That's $323,000 at today's exchange rate. That's $125,000-250,000 under what other four year old Lagoon 440's sold for in the past 12 months. How is this possible? What's the "catch"?

Well, this catamaran is owned by a French tax shelter partnership and the yacht is in the French Defiscalisation Program. That means a pool of French investors paid for this boat, have no interest in using her and are only in it for some large tax deductions. Why does the French government allow this? Because it promotes tourism in the French Overseas Territories and creates jobs there. The yachts must stay in charter for 66 months. And this charter company wants the yacht sold because they can then make plans to replace this yacht in their fleet with a new one. If the yacht sells for "under market" it's no big deal for the tax shelter partners because they have less "recapture" and just get a larger tax deduction. So, they will make a sweetheart deal for someone to committ to buy it now and title will pass in March 2013. If you do make a deal now, you can do one of two things with it:
1. Leave it in charter and split revenues 50-50 with the charter company…which probably means $20,000 in your pocket over the next year (but more "wear and tear" on the boat).

2. Take the boat out of charter…but you must follow the rules of the Defiscalisation Program which are to leave the boat in the Caribbean, check into a French port at least once a month (or I'd just leave it in St Martin and make side cruises from there) and the expenses for dockage/insurance and maintenance are for your account.
I've sold a number of catamarans under this program and believe the $100,000-250,000 discount is well worth the inconveniences of the Defiscalisation Program. Contact Gary Fretz for more details. We have other models available.

Expert Video Report

OverSeas Radio Network
Join me each Thursday at 3:00pm Eastern US time on the Overseas Radio Network or listen to the ad free MP3 files below .

My live show "Yachts: The Perfect Escape Vehicle" aired for the first time Thursday January 5th and is aimed primarily at those who wish to cruise internationally on a catamaran and live and invest in multiple countries. In addition, there are 25 other shows airing each week that focus on international living, investing and asset protection. Come find out what Overseas Radio is all about.

Segment 1: Overseas Radio Network talk show host Gary Fretz discusses "How much does it cost to cruise in a catamaran?" and "How do you learn to cruise a catamaran?" with his guests Stephen and Estelle Cockcroft.
Segment 2: More discussions about how much it costs to cruise in a sailing catamaran.
Segment 3: Cruising catamarans: how much does it cost? How do cruisers pay for it? Buying a catamaran.
Segment 4: How to buy a catamaran for 50% off the normal price. Seller financing a catamaran. Benefits of catamarans.
Click for MP3 File Segment 1 Click for MP3 File Segment 2 Click for MP3 File Segment 3 Click for MP3 File Segment 4

Introducing The Island Spirit 72

Island Spirit 72 Catamaran Check out this sizzlingly sexy sailing machine. Island Spirit, who has been building catamarans for over a decade, has finished a 72' Bill Dixon-designed sailing catamaran.

The large airy salon is huge and could easily fit 20 people for a cocktail party. There are 5 staterooms so she'll make a great charter yacht or family cruiser. No heeling while sailing makes this a pleasure to sail. And she doesn't rock at anchor so you'll sleep like a baby. She'll motor at 11 knots or sail in the teens all day long.

I sailed on a sistership in Thailand and I was amazed at the stability underway. For more information Contact Me. We have a 2011 avaiialable and we can build more for 2012 delivery with custom interiors. At $2.2MM-2.4MM, this is a lot of boat for the money.

Island Spirit 72 Catamaran
Island Spirit 72 Catamaran Island Spirit 72 Catamaran Island Spirit 72 Catamaran

Florida Increases Yacht Tax Collections 500% by Lowering Tax Rates

I love this..... Government is finally getting smarter about tax rates.....

Initial data collected from boat dealers around the state of Florida show that the $18,000 sales tax/use cap (the Legislature passed recently) has increased the state's collection of sales taxes more than five times.

According to a statement from the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, Florida has collected nearly $5.5 million in sales tax on vessels selling for more than $300,000 and about $2.3 million in use taxes on vessels opting to home port in Florida since the cap went into effect in July 2010.

Sales tax collections were about $1.4 million for the previous year.

"Capping the tax has encouraged large yacht buyers to now transfer title, register and operate their vessels in Florida... Previously, buyers would simply close their yacht purchase offshore, register their yachts offshore and come into Florida under a Cruising Permit tax-free." said Gary Fretz, long-time member of FYBA, which pushed for the cap.

It's a win-win situation for everybody who wants to keep their boat in Florida, the marine industry in Florida and the state of Florida!

French Government Pays For 55% of Your Yacht In The Defiscalisation Programme
French citizenship not required. By Gary Fretz, Catamaran Broker

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